Hils (hils) wrote in mishas_minions,


Well, our overlord has spoken re the name change

Newbies: "mishamigos" was an offensive parody. My followers use the more empowering (& ethnically neutral) titles of "minions" or "flunkies"
Tags: !mod post, master's twits
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Deleted comment

What? It was funny!
LOL that was that then XD
Yup! Far be it for me to question our leader
I think you're still being stalked. Plus he probably hates me for suggesting ideas. I'm a terrible minion. XD
We all failed the minion test. Apart from those who didn't.
I better turn in my membership card and get that minion tattoo lasered off my ass then.
I'm regretting changing my middle name to minion now. It's going to cost a fortune to change it back and get a new passport
LOL! Yeah, that's rougher than a tattoo. At least no one needed a photo of my ass on my passport.
See. He's not turning away from us good minions. =)
Yup! I'm perfectly willing to admit when I'm wrong. Good thing I didn't change the name already ;)

Well that solves that then :p
Yup! Oh, Misha.