Maria, Queen of Squirrels (girlfmkitty) wrote in mishas_minions,
Maria, Queen of Squirrels

Misha tweets!

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A very kind man, though, I don't know, I know Japan is having a rough time right now, but it kills me that people wait until there is a disaster to help people out. There are about four million people in Somalia that need age, there's a hungry crisis in the Congo, and many other places. What's happening in Japan, and by all means, we should help them, but some places live tragedy every day.

Which is why I'm glad Misha is still going back to Haiti. He seems to understand, but I just wish more people would.
Oh, and congratulations on being the new owner of the comm =)
Why, thank you - did I miss the announcement here?
I saw you were the one to reply to the question earlier in the comm. =)