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This is the most cruel voting I've ever seen, but you know what we must do.

Tags: a call to arms, misha is the sex
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I'll have to turn in my minion card for this...

Misha will be spanked by Jensen. Sadly, only in this poll.
I have voted for Misha. Sadly, Jensen will pwn him in this poll. *sigh*
Oh the horror! The horror!

This must surely be the definition of evil... but because your banner is TEH AWESOME and I am a faithful minion, I am of course voting for our Overlord :)

It's close right now. But I suspect Jensen will take it in the end. Still, at least Mish will have put up a good fight :)
This is soo cruel! I would chose between Jared and Jensen more easily.

I voted for my Overlord as I am a faithful minion even if I LOVE Jensen too. This truly is the most cruel voting of all time.

I think Jensen will win this one, but hey Misha won the SFX Sexiest Male (Jensen ended up on place six), so if Jensen wins this one. They're even ^_^
I've been voting like crazy all day. Even if Jensen does win in the end, he won't get this without a fight.

Do you mind if I snag your banner to get my flist to vote?
No, please, snag away! :)
C'mon Minions!! We can do this!!!
...Or at the very least make this race a lot closer than it already is...

I just crashed my browser voting for Misha. ¬_¬

On the plus side, at least I got a bunch of votes in first! Yay!

This poll is evil evil evil evil evil!